Saturday, June 8, 2013

Perfect App

The Perfect app Program:

Hello Friends, Today i have a very Special Program For all of you, I know that everyone is seeking for an opportunity for their spare time so today i am just going to save your spare time and your spare time will be converted into Real Money, Yes you heard absolutely right that Real Money will be given you and Good News about it is that this program is 100% Secure and Free you just need to understand it and i assure you that you won't find it difficult, a child can do this work so why not you?

Lets Start here:

You know lots of people around the world use Mobile Phone and now it won't be wrong if i say that each and every has a Mobile Phone on this Planet and Millions of people use it and most of them use Android and other Mobile Applications, Don't they?
We have a very Simple Program; The program is that there is a newly started website which belongs to GIT Global Investments, Inc. It is just giving you a chance to have 20% of its future Share for nothing just you have to Invite only 5 Friends and their downline will give you Huge income in future when they will use their Free Mobile and Computer applications so you will be rewarded in the shape of Money and you will get all the 20% Future profit from them.

Who can join?
Everyone on this planet can join it before 1st October 2013.

When it will be launch?
It is now in Pre-Launch Period and will be launch on 1st of the October 2013.

What we will have to do?
You just have to Invite at least 5 People to qualify for having Future's 20% Profit from Company.

How long will i get Future's 20% Profit?
Untill you are Active Member with this company and website then you will get your profit each month.

What does mean of Active Member?
It means that after launching you use their website and you must download and use their Computer and Mobile applications which will be absolutely Free.

Will i have to pay them in future?
No, They will never ask you for Money, instead of asking for Money from you they will give you money and you won't be asked for Money ever.

Anything else a part from this that i will have to do for qualifying Future's 20% Profit share?
No, You won't have to do anything else a part from that mentioned above.

How they will give us Money, from where they will generate Money for us?
When the people around the world will use their Free Computer's and Mobile's applications then they will generate profit from them as Google and Microsoft generate Profit from their products same like this this Caompany will generate Profit by means of using their applications all over the world and then they will split it into Two portions, 1st will be 80% which goes to the company and Investors and second is 20% which will be given us just for inviting People during this Pre-Launch until 1st October 2013 so my Friends do not waste your spare time in useless programs, trust me i am personally working with this company with their other projects and they are only real on this planet at his time so if you miss it then you will regret in future and you know the opportunity never knock you again and again it just comes once and if you do not accept it then it goes to others, Now make your Choice and join Below.

How to Join?
Click Here and open the page and you will get a Page there will be a Picture of  iPhone, Just click on the iPhone Picture and you will get Registration Page now just fill out your information and you will get an Email and Must Confirm that email in your inbox then you will get on new page and your Reflink will be There now just save it and Make Your downline till 1st October 2013. (Note): You just need to invite only 5 People for qualifying for profit share and if you want to invite more than 5 People so there is no Limit, you can invite unlimited people and as much as people you invite so they will give you more more and more Profit share. I hope you understand.

Need More Information and How to Join this Free Program?
For more information and for joining just Click on the Picture below and you also can skype me at: sohaib.siddiqui9 or call # 923212434327
Click on the Picture below for joining for Free

Sunday, May 12, 2013


My Dear Brother and Sisters, Assalam o alaikum.

                       Today i am going to talk on very important topic about Preaching.

As we all Muslim know that we are the last (Ummah) in this world and we will remain as a last (Ummah) until the judgement day comes and there is no (Prophet) after Mohammad Peace be upon Him till the judgement day that is why we were called The Greatest (Ummah) among all the (Ummah's) who came from (Adam) to The (Mohammad Peace be upon Him) Do you know why?
Why we were called The Greatest (Ummah) among all of them? if not then let me recall that we were given The Greatest and very important responsibility which is called (Preaching).

Now before going ahead let me clear some basic questions that can be raised in your mind.

1). Why we were given this responsibility?why not others?
Answer: We were given this responsibility because there is no Prophet after Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) and we have to do this job and have to pass to others and they will pass it ahead as our elders passed it to us.

2). When should i Preach or when i am able to Preach?
Answer: At first you should come to know about Islamic Teachings and apply them on your self on your own then you will be able to (Preach) properly because if you start Preaching without applying all the terms of Islam which are required on your self then their might be high chances to lose faith of people because character affects more than words and character gives power to your words, i hope that you got my point.

3). How to Preach or Start Preaching?
Answer: There is only way that at first you have to join Preaching gathering and have to spend your time and learn from them and make your (Imaan) strong internally then you will come to know that how to Preach others on your own, there is a very simple example that if you want to teach The Holy Qur'aan then firstly you have to learn about it then you will be able to teach about it and the same thing with Preaching.

Being a Muslim its our duty that we take our time from our busy lives and spend sometime in the way of ALLAH, ALLAH; who gave us life and everything we need he provides us and what do we do? don't give him a second? is it fine? is it faith? don't you and me get afraid from that ALLAH can destroy us within a second? please friends wake up and open your eyes and hearts and look around that are we spending our lives in the way of ALLAH as we should?

This is our obligation that we apply all the terms on us about Islam and then try to motivate others because ALLAH will give us Huge Profit in this world and also in Hereafter.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mega Deal Weekend

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